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Man Arrested After Trying to Drive Into Belgium Crowd

Police officers patrol at the Sint-Michielskaai in Antwerp where Belgian police arrested a man, March 23, 2017, after he tried to drive into a crowd at high-speed in a shopping area in the port city of Antwerp, a police chief said.

A man has been arrested in Belgium, reportedly for trying to drive through a crowd, police said Thursday.

The man was apprehended after he ran a red light at high speed in a shopping area in the port city of Antwerp.

"A vehicle with French plates has tried to drive at high speed into the Meir [street]. A man in camouflage was taken away," Antwerp police chief Serge Muyters told a news conference. "The pedestrians had to jump aside."

No injuries have yet been reported.

Belgium's prime minister, Charles Michel has said he is following the situation closely and that security forces remain vigilant.

Reuters news agency reported the federal prosecutor said that knives and other weapons were found in the car.

The incident occurred one day after a car driving at high speed killed people near the British Parliament on London's Westminster Bridge, and also a day after the anniversary of twin attacks in Brussels that killed 32 people last year.

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