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Celebrated Indian Bodybuilder Manohar Aich Dies at 104

FILE- In this March 16, 2012, photo, Indian bodybuilder Manohar Aich flexes his muscles as he poses for a photograph at a gymnasium in Kolkata, India.

Manohar Aich, a celebrated Indian bodybuilder and former Mr. Universe, has died in the eastern city of Kolkata. He was 104.

Aich's son said his father died Sunday from health issues related to his age. He is survived by his four children.

Aich, who grew up as a puny youngster, overcame many hurdles, including poverty and a stint in prison, to achieve bodybuilding glory.

He won the Mr. Universe title in London in 1952 and returned a hero to India, where many took up bodybuilding inspired by his success.

He also won several titles when competing in the Asian Bodybuilding Championships. He was known as the “Pocket Hercules” due to his 150 centimeter (4 foot, 11 inch) frame.

Aich often told his fans that the secret to his long life was his ability to take his troubles lightly and remain happy during difficult times.

That, and a simple diet of milk, fruits and vegetables along with rice, lentils and fish kept him healthy, he said.