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Mexican Ambassador Seized, Then Freed, in Venezuela

The Mexican ambassador to Venezuela and his wife are free after being kidnapped in the latest high-profile abduction in that country, where crime is soaring.

Authorities say four armed men seized Ambassador Carlos Pujalte and his wife at around midnight Sunday as they left a reception near the capital, Caracas. The two were released a few hours later in a slum.

Mexican officials said Pujalte and his wife were both in "good health" and thanked Venezuelan security forces for their efforts to free the couple overnight. He said the two gave statements to Venezuelan authorities Monday.

Few details were given about the kidnappers or whether a ransom had been demanded.

Caracas is considered one of the most dangerous cities in the world, with a high rate of murders and violent crimes.

Two months ago, a Chilean diplomat in Caracas was abducted, beaten, and shot before being released two hours later. And Major League Baseball star Wilson Ramos was seized during a visit to his parents in late 2011, and held for two days before security forces freed him.