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Mexican Journalists Hold Solidarity March

Journalists protest outside the office of the state of Veracruz's representative in the capital to protest the killing of photojournalists Esteban Rodriguez, Gabriel Huge and Guillermo Luna in Mexico City, May 4, 2012.

Journalists have led a solidarity protest march in Mexico City for three photojournalists killed in the gulf state of Veracruz.

Reporters and supporters of the media held photos of the slain journalists during Friday's march.

Journalist Epigmenio Ibarra says crime organizations target reporters with no fear of consequences.

"The medium of information in Mexico has turned into a high risk activity with impunity for organized criminal groups and authorities and institutions penetrate and sometimes virtually run by these criminals," Ibarra noted.

The dismembered bodies of the three photojournalists were found in a canal in Veracruz Thursday. The discovery comes days after a magazine reporter who covered crime was killed at her home in the same state.

Mexico's government says the killings resemble violence carried out by drug cartels.

Reporters Without Border has expressed concern.

"We can say now that in Veracruz, like in other states, journalists are being terrorized," said Balbina Flores of Reporters Without Borders. "We have heard testimonies from them we have heard their fears, they're scared to continue working. But also many have stayed put despite the fear and continue to work in conditions that are really dramatic. Dramatic because authorities are not concerned with giving guarantees or with the security of journalists so this is the first impact."

Media reports say at least two of the journalists found dead in Veracruz had received threats in the past year.

Mexico's Human Rights Commission says more than 70 journalists have been killed in country since 2000.

President Felipe Calderon reportedly pledged to pay special attention to crimes against members of the media when he launched a military crackdown on drug cartels six years ago.

Some information for this report was provided by AP, AFP and Reuters.