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'Anonymous' Declares ‘Total War’ Against Trump

FILE - Activists of the international network "Anonymous" pose with Guy Fawkes masks in an undated photo in Berlin, Germany. The group has declared "total war" against US presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

The hacker collective known as Anonymous says it has declared “total war” on Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

In a video released March 4, the shadowy group said his campaign for the U.S. presidency was “deeply disturbing.”

“Your inconsistent and hateful campaign has not only shocked the United States of America, you have shocked the entire planet with your appalling actions and ideas,” said a masked man with a robotic voice. “You don’t stand for anything except for your personal greed and power. This is a call to arms.”

The group is calling the campaign against the real estate mogul #OpTrump, saying it will begin on April 1, which is April Fool's Day in the United States.

In another post, the group said the operation would include denial of service attacks on several Trump-related websites, including Trump’s main site, The post also included what Anonymous says is some of Trump’s personal information.

Anonymous has hacked Trump before.

Last December, in the wake of Trump's call for a ban on Muslims entering the U.S., the group crashed the Trump Tower New York website and leaked voicemails, reported the Telegraph newspaper.

The April 1 effort, the group said, will be much bigger.

"We need you to... research and expose what he doesn’t want the public to know, we need you to dismantle his camp and sabotage his brand," Anonymous said.

There was no immediate comment from the Trump campaign.

Here's the video: