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DC Eaglet Hatches

One of the DC eagles is seen in its nest Friday morning at the National Arboretum. The first of two eaglets hatched this morning. (American Eagle Foundation)

The eaglet has hatched.

Early this morning, the first of two eaglets broke halfway through its shell, according to the American Eagle Foundation, and by 8:30 it was completely out of its shell.

"A lot of grey downy feathers now visible, so it must be making a lot of progress," the American Eagle Foundation wrote on its Facebook page.

Just before the eaglet fully emerged, one of the adult eagles was seen bringing a live fish to the nest.

The hatching process can take days, and in this case, the first “pip,” or small hole that the eaglet makes as it starts to emerge, appeared Wednesday.

Washington area residents have been transfixed on the pair of eagles, who nested at the National Arboretum and laid two eggs last month. Live webcams have been set up around the nest to allow anyone to watch.

The eagles, named “Mr. President” and “The First Lady," are the first pair to nest in the area in 70 years, according to NBC. In 2014, they built a nest in a tulip poplar tree and raised one eaglet, said the foundation.

It typically takes about 35 days for an eagle egg to hatch.

Watch the Eagle Cams here.