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Egyptian President Briefly for Sale on eBay

  • VOA News

FILE - In this photo provided by Egypt's state news agency MENA, Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, addresses parliament in Cairo, Feb. 13, 2016. He was recently listed in an eBay acution

For a brief time, Egyptian President Abdel Fatah el-Sissi appeared to be for sale on auction site eBay.

The listing, which has now been removed, read "For sale on eBay, Field Marshal, Doctor of Philosophy with a military background,” according to Al Jazeera English.

The president was described as “slightly used,” referring to his previous owners as “Gulf royals.”

Bidding reached as high as $100,000 before the ad was taken down, likely because eBay prohibits the sale of human remains and body parts as part of its terms and conditions.

The auction stated that there were no returns offered.

The prank was likely inspired by Sissi himself who on Wednesday, during a televised state speech said, "By God, if it were possible for me to be sold, I would sell myself," according to the Associated Press.

In the past Sissi had pledged to give away half of his personal worth and half of his monthly salary to bolster Egypt’s struggling economy.