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Burglar Breaks Into DC Fast Food Restaurant, Makes Burger

A man appears to have broken into a popular burger restaurant only to make a burger for himself. (Photo by Benedikt Koehler via Flickr)

A burglar broke into a popular Washington hamburger restaurant recently, but instead of stealing money, he made himself a burger.

The Metropolitan Police Department said the man gained entry to a Five Guys restaurant in the predawn hours on March 18 after following a delivery man. Once the delivery person left, the suspect helped himself to a drink and started to make a burger, reportedly a cheeseburger.

The self service thief didn’t seem very worried about getting caught, as one shot from a security camera appears to show the man talking on his cellphone while cooking.

He also took a bottle of water before walking out.

According to The Washington Post, police are offering a $1,000 reward for information about the suspect.