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'Knife-Proof Vest' Fails Test on TV; Reporter Wounded

A reporter from Israel's Channel 1 is seen testing a knife proof vest in this screengrab from Twitter.

A test of a vest intended to protect people from knife attacks went horribly wrong on Israeli television when the vest failed to stop a mock attacker's blade, which went into the back of a reporter wearing the garment.

An Israeli company that also makes bulletproof vests was demonstrating its new "anti-stabbing" product on a news program. Reporter Eitam Lachover of Channel 1 decided to don the vest himself and let a company representative try to plunge a knife into him.

The knife penetrated the vest but Lachover said his injuries were not serious.

"Superficial stab, some stitches and was released back home," he tweeted in Hebrew. "Thanks to everyone who expressed concern!"

Avi Blum, the CEO of FMS Enterprises said some of the protective material in the vest had “moved a little bit down” because it was not sewn in place. Despite the embarrassing incident, Blum said, the vest will be on sale to the public soon.

He expects the vest will be popular, since knife attacks have sharply increased in Israel during the past several months. In most cases the violence is between Israelis and Palestinians.

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