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Seattle Man Climbs 24-Meter Tree; Refuses to Come Down

  • VOA News

A man is seen atop a 24-meter tree in downtown Seattle in this photo posted on Twitter by KOMO News. (KOMO)

A man who climbed an iconic, 24-meter Sequoia tree in downtown Seattle is still refusing to come down, despite the efforts of police and firefighters.

The man, whose name has not been released, climbed the tree Tuesday.

According to KOMO, the man threw an apple at medics who approached him. He was also reported to have thrown other objects like small branches and pine cones at officials. He reportedly told would-be rescuers that he has a knife.

Officials also used a drone to try to get a better look at the man, KOMO reported.

At one point, the man descended halfway down the tree, but later went back to the top where he remained overnight.

KOMO reported that the man was “agitated” and was shouting and making obscene gestures.At other times he was reported as calm.

It is unknown if the man is mentally ill or under the influence of drugs.

The incident led to the hashtag #ManInTree, which was trending across the country.

Here's a video from the scene: