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Meteorite Kills Man in Southern India

FILE - A meteor of the Leonid meteor shower. The photograph shows the meteor, afterglow, and wake as distinct components.

Indian officials believe a meteorite caused the death of a man Sunday in southern India.

NDTV reported Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa said a meteorite fell on the campus of a private engineering college, creating a two-meter-wide impact crater. Debris from the impact blast fatally injured a man standing nearby.

The impact shook nearby buildings and shattered windows.

The dean of the school told the Associated Press police recovered an object from the site that would have to undergo chemical analysis.

The object was described as dark blue with jagged edges. It is reportedly small enough to be held in a closed hand. It is unknown if it came from space or could have fallen off a passing plane.

Officials have checked the crater for metals, and they plan to analyze soil from the crater.

The incident comes nearly three years after a large meteor was spotted streaking across the sky in the Russian city of Chelyabinsk. That blast injured 1,600 and caused extensive property damage.