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New App Lets Users Borrow, Share Dogs

FILE - A Bichon Frise is groomed in the benching area before judging at the 2016 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in the Manhattan borough of New York City, February 15, 2016.

In a new twist on the so-called sharing economy, you can now enjoy man’s best friend for just a short time.

Thanks to a new mobile app, dog lovers who aren’t ready to commit or are unable to own a dog, can borrow a pup for a short time or even overnight.

The service is called Bark’N’Borrow, and works similarly to Uber and Airbnb. Simply sign up, get verified, find the dog you want to borrow, pay a fee and off you go.

"This is the next best thing between not owning a dog and committing to one," said Bark'N'Borrow CEO and Founder Liam Berkeley in an interview with Fox News.

According to FOX News, one user, Anna Browne, loves corgis but said she was not ready to have her own due to having a small apartment and often working late.

She used the app and found an owner willing to lend their corgi.

"It's like a delight," Browne told Fox. "On the weekend, if I can hang out with a corgi for a couple of hours, it's amazing."

The company, which says it has about 50,000 members nationwide, maintains that all users are fully vetted.

“We collect your residential info, your billing info, your address, your full details,” Berkeley told Fox. “There are much easier ways to get your hands on a dog if you are that type of person that wants to hurt a dog or steal a dog than going through our platform and through our system. We try to do the utmost."