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More Than 1,000-carat Diamond Found in Botswana

A 1,111-carat diamond has been found in Botswana.

An 1,111-carat diamond has been found in Botswana, according to Canada-based Lucara Diamond Corp., a large diamond producer.

The massive gemstone, which measures 65 mm by 56 mm by 40mm or about the size of a tennis ball, is Type-IIa and gem quality, according to the company, which says that makes it the largest ever found in Botswana.

Specifically, the stone was found in the south lobe of Karowe mine in the central part of the country.

According to a statement by Lucara president and CEO, William Lamb, the diamond is the largest discovered in more than a century. It is also believed to be the second largest diamond ever found. The largest was cut for the British crown jewels.

Analyst Edward Sterck, of the London-based BMO Capital Markets told Bloomberg it was “impossible” to estimate the stone’s value. Earlier this year, Lucara sold a 341.9-carat diamond for nearly $21 million, or $60,000 per carat.