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Microsoft Warns of a New Flaw in Internet Explorer

  • VOA News

FILE - An image of a page on the Microsoft Internet Explorer Web site.
U.S. software giant Microsoft issued an advisory on Saturday about a newly-discovered security flaw in its popular Internet Explorer browser that exposes many computers to hackers’ attacks.

According to Microsoft, most vulnerable are computers using Internet Explorer versions 9 through 11.

Experts warn that hackers can gain access to their computers and install malicious software if users let themselves be tricked into viewing a certain website or opening an e-mail attachment.

If a user has administrative rights a hacker could gain control of the its whole system, which means that even U.S. Federal Government computers could be attacked.

Experts from U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team advise using different Internet browsers, such as Firefox or Chrome, until Microsoft issues a fix for the problem.