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Hezbollah: Israeli Drone Crashes Into Hezbollah Media Center

Damage is seen inside the media office of the Lebanese Hezbollah group in a southern suburb of Beirut, Aug. 25, 2019.

Hezbollah says two Israeli drones have crashed in Lebanon overnight.

The second drone fell on a building that houses Hezbollah's media center in the Dahyeh suburbs of Lebanon's capital, Beirut.

"We did not shoot down or explode any of the drones," Hezbollah spokesman Mohammed Afif told the Associated Press.

Israel has not commented on the drone strike.

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri described the crash of the two drones as a violation and "aggression'' against Lebanese sovereignty as well as a "threat to regional stability."

Israel said late Saturday, however, that it conducted an airstrike near the Syrian capital of Damascus on an arm of Iran's Revolutionary Guards, in an effort to thwart an imminent Iranian drone strike on Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Twitter: "Our forces operate in every sector against the Iranian aggression."

Syria's army said in a statement that "the majority of the Israeli missiles were destroyed before reaching their targets."

It is not immediately clear if the incidents in Beirut and Syria are related.