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Iran Restoring Internet Access, Says Advocacy Group

FILE - A woman checks her cell phone sitting with a companion on the steps outside a shopping mall in northern Tehran, Iran, July 2, 2019.

An advocacy group says internet connectivity is rapidly being restored in Iran after a weeklong government-imposed shutdown in response to widespread protests.

The group NetBlocks said Saturday that connectivity had suddenly reached 60% Saturday afternoon.

It said on Twitter: "Internet access is being restored in (hash)Iran after a weeklong internet shutdown amid widespread protests.''

There were reports that internet service remained spotty in the capital, Tehran, though others around the country began reporting they could again access it.

The order comes a week after the Nov. 15 gasoline price hike, which sparked demonstrations that rapidly turned violent, seeing gas stations, banks and stores burned to the ground.

Amnesty International said it believes the unrest and the crackdown killed at least 106 people. Iran disputes that figure without offering its own. A U.N. office earlier said it feared the unrest may have killed "a significant number of people."