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Israeli Jets Strike Hamas Bases in Gaza

Palestinians inspect site of Israeli air strike in southern Gaza Strip, June 14, 2019.

Israeli jets hit Hamas bases in Gaza Friday in response to a rocket fired into southern Israel that damaged a Jewish theological seminary.

The Israeli Air Force said in a statement that “fighter jets and aircraft targeted terror infrastructure in military compounds and a Hamas naval force military compound as part of a strike on a number of Hamas terror sites throughout the Gaza Strip.”

Neither side is reporting any casualties.

At the time of rocket attack, students had left the seminary in the city of Sderot to return to their homes for the Jewish Sabbath that begins on Friday.

Earlier Israel said it struck several Hamas targets in Gaza, including what it says was a terrorist tunnel in response to Hamas rocket fire late Wednesday. Another rocket was launched into southern Israel late Thursday.

The Hamas rocket fire was an apparent response to Israel putting Mediterranean waters off-limits to Palestinian fishermen — a reaction to incendiary balloons sent floating over southern Israel this week, setting fields on fire.

This was the first exchange of rocket fire between Israel and Hamas since last month’s Egyptian-mediated cease-fire that ended two days of heavy fighting.