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Missing Helicopter Rescue Crewman Found Alive in Myanmar

Shan state, Burma
Shan state, Burma

A man has been found alive more than a week after the disappearance of a rescue helicopter that was searching for missing mountaineers in northern Myanmar, also known as Burma.

One of the three men from the helicopter reached the northern village of Lan Kha Tuesday and called for medical treatment.

Kachin member of parliament Ji Phon Sar says the fate of the other two men remains unknown.

"It seemed the helicopter crashed, caught fire and blew up," he said. "The Myanmar pilot stayed behind near the wreck. The Thai pilot and the other guy tried to find their way back through the forest, but on the way the Thai pilot stayed back. Only one person reached Lan Kha village [Tuesday]. Search teams have been sent overnight to rescue the two left behind."

The Htoo Foundation, which has led the search efforts, confirmed in a Facebook post that it has sent a rescue team to find the men still missing.

The Thai chopper lost contact with ground control on September 27, shortly after it took off from Putao airport in northern Kachin state to assist in the search for two missing Myanmar climbers.

The two climbers lost contact with the rest of their team after reaching the summit of Mount Hkakaborazi in late August. They have still not been found.

This report was produced in collaboration with the VOA Burmese service.