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Monsoons Upend Millions in Bangladesh, India 

People move a boat in a flooded area during a widespread flood in the northeastern part of the country, in Sylhet, Bangladesh, June 19, 2022.

Monsoon rains have upended the lives of millions of people in Bangladesh and the neighboring Indian state of Assam.

Reuters reports that 25 people were killed this weekend by lightning or landslides in Bangladesh, while 17 people were killed in Assam by the flooding waters.

In Bangladesh, the rising waters have stranded people in their homes without electricity or access to food and clean drinking water.

Officials say some people have been evacuated to shelters, but news reports say some Bangladesh shelters have been inadequately stocked with emergency materials, including food.

The Times of India reports that 32 Assam districts have been affected by the rising waters.

Scientists have warned for some time that Earth’s rising temperatures could result in extreme weather experiences.

Some information in this report came from Reuters.