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More Protests Break Out in Ivory Coast

Several dozens of Ivorian opposition youth clash with police during a demonstration on 17 Feb 2010 in Abidjan against the dissolution of Ivorian cabinet and electoral commission

More protests have broken out in Ivory Coast against the president's dismissal of the government.

Demonstrators set fire to a city bus in the main city of Abidjan Wednesday, while hundreds of people marched in towns around the country.

Opposition groups had called for street protests after President Laurent Gbagbo dissolved the cabinet and electoral commission last Friday.

The dismissals are likely to delay a presidential election that has already been postponed six times since Mr. Gbagbo's mandate ran out in 2005.

The groups accused Mr. Gbagbo of staging a virtual coup, and said they no longer recognize him as president.

The president's office had said a new government would be unveiled Tuesday, but officials later said the announcement would be delayed.

Prime Minister Guillaume Soro has said he is holding consultations to form the new administration.

In a statement earlier this week, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged Ivorians to remain calm and avoid any action that could trigger renewed violence.

A 2002 civil war in Ivory Coast left the country divided between a rebel-controlled north and government-controlled south.

A 2007 peace deal left Mr. Gbagbo as president and former rebel leader Soro as prime minister.

The former rebel New Forces have warned that the president's actions could push the West African country back into civil war.

Some information for this report was provided by AP, AFP and Reuters.