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Egyptian President: 'Thugs' Organizing to Create Disorder

In this image made from video, Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi delivers a televised statement in Cairo, Egypt, Thursday, Dec. 6, 2012.
Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, speaking on national television Thursday amid anti-government protests gripping Cairo, says he will not tolerate killings or sabotage, and says many "thugs" are organizing to create disorder across the country.

Morsi expressed sorrow about those killed and injured in the violence, while insisting that dialogue is the only solution to the country's constitutional crisis.

Location of presidential palace in Cairo CLICK TO ENLARGE
Location of presidential palace in Cairo CLICK TO ENLARGE
The president said seven people were killed outside the presidential palace in overnight violence, with more than 700 others injured. He said 80 people have been arrested for crimes including the use of firearms, and he described some of the detainees as "hired for money."

Morsi refused to rescind the November 22 presidential decrees giving him near absolute power, saying the measures were necessary for him to "safeguard the homeland and protect stability."

The president also announced the start on Saturday of what he called a "comprehensive and productive" dialogue with opposition leaders, aimed at averting more violence ahead of a constitutional referendum set for December 15. If voters reject the country's new constitution, which critics say was drafted solely by Islamist Morsi supporters, the president said he will form a new advisory panel to write a new draft.

But he rejected opposition calls to scrap the referendum, saying it will take place as planned.

Earlier Thursday, opposition leaders called for further demonstrations against the country's new draft constitution, which sparked the latest violence. Hours later, Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood supporters said protesters set fire to Brotherhood headquarters in the city. Authorities said the damage was minimal and that riot police managed to drive protesters from the site.

The leader of the umbrella opposition coalition, Mohammed ElBaradei, told supporters Wednesday that he and his colleagues would not negotiate with the president until he withdraws the draft constitution and cancels the December 15 referendum.