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Most Googled Health Concerns in Each US State

(Photo by Flickr user Andrés Nieto Porras via Creative Commons license)
(Photo by Flickr user Andrés Nieto Porras via Creative Commons license)

Many Americans turn to "Dr. Google" for answers to health problems.

In other words, they search the internet via Google for insight into their ailments.

The search engine's most researched symptom is stress, according to private firm Medicare Health Plans, which has come up with the most-searched symptoms in every U.S. state.

Source: American Psychological Association (APA)
Source: American Psychological Association (APA)

The states that appear to be most stressed out about stress include Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Massachusetts, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Oregon and Virginia.

Money and work have long been sources of stress for people, according to the American Psychological Association.

But the 2016 presidential election was an added source of stress for more than half of Americans — 52 percent — according to an APA survey conducted in 2017.

That survey found that a majority of adults from both major political parties say they feel stressed out about the future of our nation.

In addition to stress, searches on Google suggest that there is widespread interest across all states when it comes to the flu and common cold.

Source: Medicare Health Plans
Source: Medicare Health Plans

Symptoms such as "Sniffles," "Nasal Congestion," "Flem" (phlegm) and "Flu Symptoms 2018" are the top sources of concern in states like Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, New Mexico and Vermont.

Loss of sleep is the big issue in New York, home to the "city that never sleeps." People in South Carolina and Wisconsin are worried about the color of their poop, and Alaskans want to know what's up with snoring.

Some of the more unusual searches range from "Sweaty Palms" to "Uncircumcised Problems."