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Muslim Group Applies to Protest Royal Wedding

Demonstrators from "Muslims Against Crusades" (file photo)
Demonstrators from "Muslims Against Crusades" (file photo)

London police say a Muslim anti-war group has been denied permission to protest outside Westminster Abbey when Prince William marries Catherine Middleton there on April 29.

The group Muslims Against Crusades (MAC) had their application denied Tuesday, but are in talks with authorities to hold their protest in another location. The group calls Prince William one of the biggest advocates of British imperialism, and accuses him of "direct involvement with the murderous British military."

Prince William is an officer in Britain's Royal Air Force.

If MAC is not allowed to protest, it has threatened to turn the day into what it called a "nightmare." Meanwhile, the English Defense League, a group that campaigns against radical Islamists, has requested a permit to hold a counter-demonstration if the MAC protest gets approval.

The possible competing protests are just a single component of the security issues in the run-up to the royal wedding. Some 5,000 officers will be on duty the day of the marriage.