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National Park Service Creates 'Living Emblem' in DC

  • Associated Press

People on the National Mall in Washington, looking toward the World War II Memorial, Aug. 25, 2016, recreate a giant, living version of the National Park Service emblem, using brown, green and white umbrellas.

More than 1,000 people using brown, green and white umbrellas have created a giant living version of the National Park Service emblem to celebrate the agency's 100th anniversary.

The Park Service took an aerial photograph of Thursday's gathering. The first 1,000 people to arrive received a T-shirt commemorating their participation and were allowed to keep their umbrella.

The park service says its emblem contains elements symbolizing the major facets of the national park system. A Sequoia tree and bison represent vegetation and wildlife, mountains and water represent scenery and recreation, and the arrowhead shape represents history and archaeology.