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NATO Soldier Killed in Afghanistan

NATO says one of its service members has died from a roadside bomb attack in southern Afghanistan.

The soldier's nationality was not given in Sunday's statement.

NATO previously reported the killing of two Dutch soldiers Saturday by a roadside bomb in Uruzgan province. The Netherlands' Defense Ministry said a third Dutch soldier was seriously wounded in that attack.

It is not clear if the latest service member to die was that wounded soldier.

NATO also says Afghan and international forces found two caches of weapons in the Garm Ser and Laskar Gar districts of Helmand province Saturday. The weapons included assault rifles, explosive devices and materials used in bomb-making.

Another joint patrol found a cache of weapons in Kandahar province after receiving a tip from an Afghan civilian.

NATO added Sunday that Afghan and international forces found more than 1,700 kilograms of opium and about 280 kilograms of hashish in two trucks in Helmand province on Saturday. The joint force took the truck occupants into custody and plans to destroy the narcotics.