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Netanyahu Slams UN 'Hypocrisy' Over Child Deaths in Gaza

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends cabinet meeting, Jerusalem, May 26, 2015.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is accusing the United Nations chief of "hypocrisy" for criticizing Israel for the deaths of Palestinian children during last year's war in Gaza.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon made no mention of Hamas during a Security Council debate Thursday on protecting children in war zones. But he said he is "deeply alarmed at the suffering of so many children as a result of Israeli military operations in Gaza last year."

He called on Israel to review "existing policies and practices" and respect the "special protections" given to schools and hospitals.

An angry Netanyahu called it a "black day for the U.N." and says there is no limit to the organization's hypocrisy.

He accused Ban of granting Hamas immunity and stressed that the Hamas fighters use human shields by firing rockets at Israel from such civilian areas as schools, hospitals, and mosques.

The 50-day war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza killed more than 2,000 people and obliterated many residential neighborhoods.

Some material for this report comes from AP.