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'Never Trump' Movement Dealt Political Blow

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gestures during a speech in Virginia Beach, Virginia, July 11, 2016.

Never Trump, the move by some U.S. Republican Party members to thwart Donald Trump's presidential candidacy has been dealt a blow.

The Republican Party's convention rules committee struck down a proposal Thursday that would have allowed delegates at next week's convention in Cleveland, Ohio, to vote for someone other than the candidates who won the state primaries and caucuses.

Analysts say the 112-member rules committee has effectively quashed Never Trump's efforts to prevent Trump from becoming the Republican presidential candidate.

Paul Manafort, Trump's campaign chairman, told The Washington Post that "to try and change the rules now would destroy the party."

It would be political suicide, said Stephen Munisteri, a delegate and leading Republican from Texas, to ignore the "millions and millions and millions of voters who voted for Donald Trump."

Colorado delegate Kendal Unruh, however, said she has support from "Americans and patriots and people from all walks of life" who believe delegates should be able to vote their conscience.

Trump has been a controversial presidential candidate, alienating minorities, immigrants, women and many of his fellow Republicans with his remarks.

Both former presidents Bush and former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney say they will not attend this year's convention.

"There's no recent precedent for Trump's difficulty securing his party's congressional support," says Sarah Binder of the Brookings Institution.

But, Trump now has his party's endorsement.

He is especially popular with certain segments of the American population who are not concerned with the business mogul saying things that are not what many consider to be either politically correct or politically astute.