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New York Times Hacked

The New York Times building is seen in New York City in this February 7, 2013, file photo.
The New York Times website has been hacked for the second time this month, halting online news delivery for several hours on Tuesday.

The Times chief information officer Marc Frons issued a statement saying the service disruption was due to "a malicious external attack by the Syrian Electronic Army" or someone trying to appear as that organization.

The Syrian Electronic Army is an online group that supports embattled Syrian President Bashir Al-Assad.

The Times says the hackers may have attacked the company's domain name registrar, Melbourne IT.

Ealrier this month the Syrian Electronic Army took credit for cyber attacks attacks on the Times and the Washington Post through a third-party provider. It has also tried to attack CNN and The Financial Times.

On Tuesday the Times published some stories via its Facebook site and kept readers apprised of the situation through the micro-blogging service.