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Maduro’s Party Wins Venezuela's Local Elections

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro attends an event with supporters in Caracas, Venezuela, Nov. 13, 2018.

In Venezuela the United Socialist Party of President Nicolas Maduro won local elections boycotted by the opposition, which considered the vote a corrupt process.

The majority of about 2,500 council seats went to members of Maduro's party, election officials said.

About 27 percent of the 20 million eligible voters turned out for Sunday's council races, the president of Venezuela’s National Electoral Council, said, praising the election as strengthening Venezuela's democracy.

Maduro's government has banned the most popular opposition parties from elections, while leading opposition figures have been jailed or have fled the country fearing for their safety.

After casting his ballot, Maduro gave a speech on state television, during which he accused U.S. President Donald Trump of plotting to overthrow him.

Maduro scoffed at Trump and other foreign leaders for having labeled him a dictator.

The local elections in Venezuela come amid an economic crisis that has rocked the oil-rich country after two decades of socialist rule.

Millions of Venezuelans have fled, searching for a better life.