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Tougher Security Not in Place at Nigerian Airports, Says VOA Reporter

Nigerian travelers fear de-humanizing treatment at international airports if security is not improved at local ones

Nigerian authorities say they have taken steps to address U.S. concerns about the screening of passengers at Nigerian airports. They’re trying to get the country off of the U.S. terror watch list after a young Nigerian tried to bomb an airplane on Christmas Day.

But things are not going as planned, according to VOA reporter Chinedu Offor, who arrived in Lagos Monday.

“I got into the airport and the much-talked-about screening techniques are not in place. There were no pat-downs. There was no vigorous security as promised. People just showed their passports.”

In the wake of the attempted airline bombing the Nigerian government said it would improve security by screening passengers. But many of the machines are not in place, says Offor, “and those that are in place are not functional. There is no electricity to power the machines.”

People going through the airports are worried, he says. “They’re saying every other nation is taking steps to enhance security.”

In addition, “Nigerians are particularly unhappy at what they see as their being singled out by U.S. authorities,” says Offor. “They are afraid if the screening does not start here, then they will have to face what they say is de-humanizing treatment at airports.”