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No Date Yet for Final Sudan Election Results

Sudan's elections commission says it has not determined when it will announce final results from last week's polls, the country's first multi-party elections in 24 years.

Results were originally due to be released Tuesday, but the commission has said it is still gathering results from polling centers around the country.

Voting was marred by numerous technical and logistical problems, including missing names from voter rolls and last-minute changes in polling sites.

Partial results show President Omar al-Bashir and his National Congress Party winning various districts, often with 80 or 90 percent of the vote.

Former southern rebels and other parties either partially or fully boycotted the polls, saying the NCP and government would rig the outcome. The NCP has repeatedly denied the accusations.

International reaction to the polls has been mixed. Sudan's ally China praised the elections as a "success," while the United States criticized the vote as neither free nor fair.

However, the United States said the vote was a very important step in carrying out the 2005 peace deal that ended Sudan's north-south civil war.

That agreement calls for the south, which is now semi-autonomous, to hold a referendum on full independence next year.