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N. Korea Rejects Emergency Aid from Seoul

  • VOA News

A woman holding an umbrella walks past near damaged houses by recent flooding in Kujang district, in the province of North Pyongan, August 28, 2012.
Flood-stricken North Korea has rejected South Korea's offer of emergency food aid following a disagreement over what supplies were to be given.

Seoul's Unification Ministry said Wednesday that Pyongyang objected to the contents of the proposed shipment, which was to include flour, instant noodles, and medicine.

Last year, the North rejected a similar shipment of emergency food and medicine from the South because it did not contain building materials and equipment. South Korea suspects such supplies could be used for military purposes.

North Korea, which already suffers from chronic food shortages, is recovering from floods and a typhoon in June and July that killed scores of people and devastated crop production.

​The two rivals remain technically at war after their 1950-53 civil war ended in only a truce, and not a peace treaty. Relations have worsened since North Korean leader Kim Jong Il died in December.