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Nuns Miss Pope's New Year's Phone Call

  • VOA News

Pope Francis waves as he leaves at the end of his mass at the Church of the Most Holy Name of Jesus in Rome, Jan. 3, 2014.
A group of nuns in Spain got quite the New Year's surprise when they checked their answering machine and realized they had missed a call from the pope.

Leaving a message for them in Spanish, Pope Francis asked jokingly, "What are the nuns doing that they can't answer the phone?"

The recording was obtained by Spanish media. In it the pope goes on to say, "This is Pope Francis. I wanted to offer you greetings for the end of the year. Maybe I'll try to call again later. May God bless you."

The community of five Carmelite nuns in the Spanish town of Lucena reportedly includes three from the pope's home country, Argentina. The prioress of the convent, Sister Adriana, told Spain's COPE radio, she "literally wanted to die" when she heard the pope's message. She said she and the other nuns were praying when the pope called around midday.

News reports note Francis did call back and talked to the nuns that evening — New Year's Eve.