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Obama Presses Congress for Energy Incentives

US President Barack Obama delivers a speech on economic impact of energy saving home retrofits at a Home Depot in Alexandria, Virginia, 15 Dec 2009

President Barack Obama calls on Congress to provide new incentives to encourage Americans to make homes more energy-efficient.

U.S. President Barack Obama is calling on Congress to provide new incentives that would encourage Americans to make their homes more energy-efficient.

Speaking Tuesday at a large hardware store near Washington, Mr. Obama said the incentives would help consumers cut their energy costs enough to pay for the changes they make.

He also said it would help the economy by boosting consumer spending, and would put a lot of people to work in the construction industry, which has high unemployment.

The plan is part of a program the president previously announced to spur job creation. It also calls for tax cuts for business and more spending on roads, broadband networks and other infrastructure.