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Obama Family to Stay in DC After President Leaves Office

FILE - President Barack Obama and his daughter Sasha prepare to place orders at Pleasant Pops, a market and cafe in Washington, Nov. 28, 2015.

President Barack Obama and his family will continue calling Washington home after he leaves the White House next year, at least for a little while.

Obama was having lunch Thursday in Milwaukee with people who had written him letters when one asked where he would live during his post-presidency.

“We’re going to have to stay a couple of years in D.C., probably, so Sasha can finish,” he said. “Transferring someone in the middle of high school? Tough.”

Obama’s daughters attend a private school in Washington. Malia, currently a senior, is expected to leave home for college next year. Sasha will be a sophomore in high school when Obama departs office in January 2017.

The president said that the family's plans beyond Sasha’s graduation were not yet clear.