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Obama Lists 3 Areas Where Legislators Can Work Together

U.S. President Barack Obama says there are three areas where he believes Democrats and Republicans can work together immediately.

In his first weekly address since a partial government shutdown ended and a threat of default was defused, the president said the two parties "should sit down and pursue a balanced approach to a responsible budget" that grows the economy faster and shrinks deficit spending further.

Obama said another area where they can work together was finishing the job of fixing the country's "broken immigration system." He said the Senate has already passed a bill with strong bipartisan support, and now it was time for the House of Representatives to do the same.

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The president said the third area where they should be able to make progress was passage of a farm bill "that protects vulnerable children and adults in time of need," and gives rural communities opportunities to grow.

In the Republican address, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli said Obama's health care law was an affront to the freedoms on which the country was built. Cuccinelli, who is running for governor of Virginia, said the law was an overreach of federal government, and has been a national embarrassment.

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