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Obama: Republican Budget Would Shrink Opportunity

President Barack Obama delivers his weekly speech, April 5, 2014.
President Barack Obama says too many Americans are working harder than ever, feeling like they are not getting ahead.

The president said Saturday in his weekly address the budget he sent to Congress earlier this year is built on the "idea of opportunity for all." He said his budget would "grow" the middle class and shrink the deficits that have already been cut in half since he took office.

Obama said the Republicans have proposed a "very different" budget that would shrink opportunity and make it harder for Americans who work hard to get ahead.

He said the Republican budget begins with doling out "massive tax cuts" to households making more than $1 million a year.

In the Republican address, Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina said federal job training programs are too scattered, bureaucratic and inefficient. He said Democrats should support Republican legislation to streamline the programs.