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Obama: There Will Be Costs to Russian Military Action in Ukraine

U.S. President Barack Obama says there will be costs to any Russian military intervention in Ukraine.

In a brief statement to reporters at the White House Friday, the president said any violation of Ukrainian sovereignty by Russia would be deeply destabilizing.

He said the United States is deeply concerned by reports of Russian military movements in Crimea. Mr. Obama said he wants to make it very clear that the Ukrainian people need to determine their own future. He reminded Russia that it has committed itself not to interfere in Ukrainian sovereignty.

Before the president spoke, Ukraine's U.N. ambassador, Yuriy Sergeyev, told an emergency Security Council meeting that Russian attack helicopters and military transport planes have crossed into Crimea.

He described the main airport as being "captured" by Russian forces. Going into the talks, Sergeyev said he wants moral and political support from the world community. He said what is going on in his country is "awful."

The Kremlin said Friday that Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed the situation in Ukraine in telephone calls with British Prime Minister David Cameron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and European Council Chairman Herman Van Rompuy.

The Kremlin said the conversations emphasized the need to prevent a further escalation of violence and quickly normalize the situation in Ukraine.