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Obama to Meet with Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gestures as he speaks, in Jerusalem, June 2013.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will meet with U.S. President Barack Obama at the White House on Monday.

Iran is expected to be at the top of the discussion list for the two world leaders. President Obama and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani recently had a 15-minute telephone conversation, ending a nearly 35-year diplomatic freeze.

Prime Minister Netanyahu will warn Obama that Iran's diplomatic "sweet talk" cannot be trusted and will urge the U.S. leader to continue to pressure Tehran to prevent it from making a nuclear bomb.

Obama is expected to be sympathetic about Israel's concerns, but will make clear his determination to test Rouhani's intentions.

Iran has long insisted its nuclear program is peaceful. The U.S. and many of its allies do not accept this, and have helped impose several rounds of sanctions that have battered Iran's economy.

Netanyahu is deeply concerned about eased tensions between Iran and the international community, saying Tehran is using talks to try to lessen the crippling sanctions and to buy more time to build a nuclear weapon.