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Obama: University Students Deserve Financial Break

مرلی پر دھن سنانے میں مگن، سندھ کا ایک جوگی
مرلی پر دھن سنانے میں مگن، سندھ کا ایک جوگی
U.S. President Barack Obama says graduating university students should be allowed to refinance their education loans in order to help free them from heavy debt.

In his weekly Saturday address, Obama said he would like to see legislation passed to help the students. He supports legislation coming up for debate soon in the Senate that would cover the costs of refinancing student loans by doing away with tax loopholes for millionaires.

The proposed law has considerable opposition.

The president said, "At a time when college has never been more important, it's also never been more expensive."

In the Republican address Saturday, Representative Jeff Miller of the southeastern state of Florida dealt with the issue of huge problems at hospitals run by the Department of Veterans Affairs, calling it "the biggest health care scandal in the VA's history." Miller said "America deserves to know" whether the president is committed to making things right.