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Obama Urges Lawmakers for Unity After Election

Barack Obama delivers his weekly address, 30 October 2010
Barack Obama delivers his weekly address, 30 October 2010

U.S. President Barack Obama has challenged Congress to work together to help the jobless, regardless of the outcome of Tuesday's mid-term election.

Mr. Obama said in his weekly Internet address Saturday, members can make an immediate impact by continuing tax breaks to middle class families, and deferring taxes on businesses buying equipment.

The president said a working partnership in the Congress is key to ensuring young people gain access to training, and for improving the infrastructure of the country.

President Obama said it is the duty of Congress to work together for the good of country, and that is why he found recent comments by Republican leaders troubling.

House of Representatives Republican leader John Boehner said now is "not the time to comprise." And Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell said the main goal is to defeat Mr. Obama in 2012.

In the weekly Republican address Saturday, Boehner said President Obama has failed to deliver the change he promised on the campaign trial.

Boehner, who could be House speaker if Republicans regain a majority, said he favors cutting spending and lowering taxes.

Some information for this report was provided by AP, AFP and Reuters.