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Obama Celebrates Faith at National Prayer Breakfast

  • VOA News

President Barack Obama speaks at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, Feb. 7, 2013.
President Barack Obama has addressed the annual National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, saying Americans are "joined together in a common purpose, believing in something bigger than ourselves."

"We come together because we are a people of faith. Faith is something that must be cultivated. Faith is not a possession, faith is a process," said Obama.

Vice President Joe Biden and First Lady Michelle Obama also attended the event to honor their Christian faith. Republican Senator Jeff Sessions, from Alabama, encouraged Americans to "love God, love your neighbor," and "make this complex world a better one."

The National Prayer Breakfast is hosted by members of the Senate and House of Representatives, who meet each week for prayer on Capitol Hill.

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Every U.S. president has attended the event since it began in 1953.

Guests of the annual event have come from some 130 countries, and the guest list often includes foreign dignitaries and celebrities. The late Mother Teresa, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and musician Bono all have attended the event.

This year, Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas gave the prayer at the event's closing. She asked God to uplift every leader from every nation to give them the wisdom to govern.