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Nigerian Military Frees 12 Foreign Sailors in Niger Delta

  • Joe DeCapua

In Nigeria, a military raid has freed 12 foreign sailors abducted by militants over the weekend in the Niger Delta.

VOA reporter Chinedu Offor, who’s on assignment in Nigeria, says, “The announcement was made by the spokesperson for the Nigerian joint Military Task Force…. He did not release details of how these sailors were freed, but sources told us there was a firefight between the Nigerian military and members of the militant group.”

Reports say a number of militants were killed and their camp destroyed.

After being freed, the sailors were taken to Bonny, where their Antigua-registered ship is anchored. Bonny, located in Rivers State, is the main oil terminal in the Niger Delta.

The sailors, including the captain, were abducted Saturday. However, the captain was able to radio for help before he and the others were taken aboard boats and into the creeks where the militants hide. The sailors include Germans, Filipinos and Africans.

Ships in the Delta sometimes have little room to navigate. If a vessel slows or stops, it becomes vulnerable to attack.