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Original Gravestone of Kennedy Assassin Returns to Texas

FILE - The replacement grave marker of Lee Harvey Oswald is pictured at Rose Hill Cemetery in Fort Worth, Texas.

After a long legal fight, the gravestone of U.S. presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald is finally back in its home state of Texas after being stolen, hidden and forgotten, then winding up in a small museum in Illinois.

Oswald, who gunned down President John F. Kennedy in 1963, is buried in a Fort Worth, Texas, cemetery under a simple replacement headstone.

Teenagers stole the original, more elaborate marker as a prank in 1967. Police found it and turned it over to Oswald's mother, who stashed it away in her house to prevent another theft.

The father of Dallas nightclub owner David Card bought the house and everything in it when Marguerite Oswald died in 1981.

Other Card relatives got possession of the stone, and it wound up on display in the Historic Auto Attractions museum, located in a small town northwest of Chicago.

David Card sued to get the stone returned. Details of the settlement were not disclosed.

Card said he might hand it over to the Kennedy assassination museum, which is in the same building where Oswald hid when he fired at the Kennedy motorcade as it drove through downtown Dallas.

Oswald himself was slain two days later in Dallas police headquarters by Jack Ruby, who like Card was a Dallas nightclub owner.