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Pakistan Condemns Alleged US Drone Attack

Pakistan has condemned an alleged U.S. drone strike that killed three people Monday in the country's tribal region, near the Afghan border.

In a statement, Pakistan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said "these unilateral strikes are a violation of Pakistan's sovereignty and integral territory."

Pakistani officials say Monday's strike took place in the Boya area of North Wazirstan, a known stronghold of Taliban and al-Qaida linked militants.

U.S. drone strikes are deeply unpopular in Pakistan and the U.S. does not confirm or deny specific drone actions.

Pakistan says drone strikes are counter-productive and may have a negative impact on the U.S.-Pakistan relations. U.S. officials say the strikes are an important tool, however, in taking out the insurgents.

The U.S. has decreased the frequency of the drone strikes in recent months.