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Pakistan Says Operation Underway to Rescue Foreign Mountaineers

In this undated image, Nanga Parbat is seen in northern Pakistan. Nanga Parbat is widely known as "Killer Mountain" because of the many climbers who have perished there.

Pakistan’s military says an operation is underway to rescue two foreign mountaineers trapped on a treacherous northern Himalayan peak known as “Killer Mountain”.

The pair, Tomasz Mackiewicz from Poland, and Elisabeth Revol of France, were attempting to scale the 8,126-meter Nanga Parbat. But they got stuck at the 7,400-meter mark and used a satellite phone to call for help, said organizers of the expedition.

“Two Pakistan army helicopters carrying four rescuers are undertaking the rescue mission,” the military’s media wing announced Saturday.

It said the mission was undertaken at the request of embassies of the countries to which the stranded mountaineers belonged.

Mackiewicz reportedly is suffering from snow blindness and altitude sickness. The climbers are stuck at a height where the temperature is minus 60 degree Celsius.

The Polish government pledged to provide financial guarantees and support for the rescue operation. Mackiewicz has made six previous attempts to scale Nanga Parbat in winter.

The first successful winter ascent of the mountain was made in February 2016.

A team of two foreign mountaineers from Spain and Argentina disappeared last June while they were trying to ascend Nanga Parbat. They were later declared dead.