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Pakistan Train Bombing Leaves at Least 3 Dead

A police officer and rescue workers stand near to a derailed passenger train, after a bomb went off on track in Naseerabad, Pakistan, March 17, 2019.

Police in Pakistan say a bomb exploded aboard a moving train, killing at least three passengers and wounding seven others in the country’s volatile southwest.

Officer Abdullah Jamali says the bomb went off in one of the cars of a Quetta-bound train early Sunday, damaging five cars. He says two men and a woman were killed, and that women and children were among the wounded.

No one claimed responsibility, but ethnic Baluch separatists have attacked trains in the past.

The southwestern Baluchistan province has been the scene of a low-level separatist insurgency for well over a decade. The separatists accuse the central government of unfairly exploiting the region’s gas and mineral wealth.