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Parcel Bombs Found in Greece, Addressed to Sarkozy, Western Embassies

A Greek anti-terrorist police officer investigates a private delivery company after an explosion in Athens, 1 Nov 2010

Greek police have arrested two men carrying letter bombs addressed to French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Western embassies in Athens.

Police said one of the men arrested was a suspected member of the Greek leftist guerrilla group known as the Fire Conspiracy Cells. A police spokesman told the Reuters news agency that authorities do not believe the incident is linked to al-Qaida.

A woman working in a private mail delivery company was slightly injured when one of the bombs, dropped off for delivery to the Mexican embassy, exploded in her hands.

Police said the men arrested were carrying more bombs, one of which was addressed to Mr. Sarkozy. Another package bomb was intended for the Belgian embassy. A fourth bomb, addressed to the Dutch embassy, was found at a second mail delivery company.

The men - aged 22 and 24 - were said to be carrying handguns and wigs, and one was wearing a bulletproof vest.

The Dutch foreign ministry confirmed that its embassy was a target.

In June, a similar package bomb exploded after it was smuggled into the Greek ministry in charge of the police. A senior official was killed in that blast.

Some information for this report was provided by AP, AFP and Reuters.