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Philippines Vice President Resigns Cabinet Post

FILE - In this photo provided by the Office of the Vice-president (OVP), Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte meets with Vice President Leni Robredo during the latter's courtesy call at Malacanang Palace.

Philippines Vice President Leni Robredo has resigned from her Cabinet post after President Rodrigo Duterte banned her from attending Cabinet meetings.

Robredo, who was the housing and urban development secretary, will, however, continue her duties as the elected vice president.

In her letter of resignation to the president posted on her Twitter account, Robredo said, "Remaining in your Cabinet has become untenable."

Robredo received a text message Saturday from Cabinet Secretary Leoncio Evasco, Jr. saying the president wanted her "to desist from attending all Cabinet meetings" starting Monday.

Robredo said in her letter the president had "effectively made it impossible for me to do my job."

In the Philippines, the president and the vice president are elected separately and often come from rival political parties, like Duterte and Robredo.

Vice President Robredo also posted a statement on her Twitter account that she "had been warned of a plot to steal the vice presidency." She said she would "not allow the vice presidency to be stolen," adding "I will not allow the will of the people to be thwarted."

Robredo's resignation comes as Duterte finds himself mired in another political firestorm following his decision to allow the remains of dictator Ferdinand Marcos to be buried in the country's Heroes Cemetery. The president also continues to receive criticism and international pressure because of his deadly crackdown on drug dealers.