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Picking a Major and Facing Your Parents: Mya's Questions

In response to the post What Made a Zimbabwean Decide to Study China, Mya asked a couple of questions. She said she's in a similar situation to Senzeni and wanted her advice. Since it's always good to share, in case any of you can benefit from the answers as well, here are Mya's questions and Senzeni's answers:

1. Have you decided your major? Economics or natural sciences? Right now, I’m having a problem to decide whether to take master degree in social sciences-related major or major that relates with science and technology.

I still have not decided on my major. Initially, I thought I would major in Economics. I had never taken an Economics course before but I wanted to major in Econ because I felt that the chances of landing a good job with an Econ degree were higher.

Unfortunately, even after two semesters of Econ, I still have not fallen in love with it and hence, I will be trying out the natural science track next semester.

2. How did you assure your family to take a program that – well for some parents or relatives - made them say “Are you sure? What is that for?”

Although my family has always been supportive of my academic goals, I too dreaded having to face those questions. So I first applied into the language program and got admitted, researched on possible source of funding, secured funding and then broke the news. I also did research on the benefits of studying Chinese and how the benefits outweigh the costs and how great this opportunity was. So while I was applying, I would excitedly hint at how awesome it would be to go to China, and how, funds permitting any parent would let their child study Chinese.

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